About Us

Brad Gardner has 24 years safety experience, 6 + years in safety management. Graduate of Idaho State University, Served 22 years in US Air Force.

Brad has been married to his beautiful bride, Dolores, for 30 years, has three wonderful children and two awesome dogs. Brad lives in Idaho where he loves hunting, fishing and anything that gets him outdoors.

When he lost part of his right arm to an industrial accident in 2003, Brad Gardner learned that accidents don’t just happen to “the other guy.” Now Brad uses his personal experience to demonstrate how:

  • Every accident can be prevented
  • Safety is everyone's responsiblity
  • One employee is all it takes to stop the domino effect


  • He is the most powerful speaker I have ever seen, his communication technique is extremely simple and the most powerful known to man - it is from the heart. He is able to transport his audience to the place and moment of his accident. Then he looks at all the actions that could have prevented the incident but it did not happen. He also talks about the impact of the incident to everyone around him and those at the helm of the organization. He does a fantastic job and the people react to his speech in ways that I've never seen before (some cry, others even faint), but everyone reflects on the subject.
    - Edu Araujo, Celanese

  • It has left the most lasting impression that I can believe is possible, and it surely will save further people from serious injury or death as it will have done in the past since his campaign started. Well done for finding him and for bringing him to AT Plastics.
    - Nigel Forge, AT Plastics

  • Brad spoke at our last manager meeting and he is terrific! When he tells his story it gives you goose bumps and a new resolve for safety! Everyone... deserves to see Brad tell his story... they will definitely consider the consequences the next time they put their safety at risk.
    - Paul Sartin, Amcor

  • Brad shares a very tragic and emotional story of his safety accident that always leaves my students wanting to do their very best to protect themselves and their co-workers from accidents. To remove an arm during him presentation gets everyone's attention very quickly.
    - Rudy Puzey, BYU-I Construction Management Department